Belin Chung (钟德斌)


Don’t try to achieve happiness, try to happily achieve.
Love you forever, Dearx.


  • Front-End development
    ├── Task Runner: Grunt
    ├── Module Loader: Require.js
    ├── MVC Framework: Backbone.js
    ├── Stylesheet Language: LESS
    └── JavaScript Compiler: CoffeeScript

  • Programming Languages: PHP, Python

  • Development Platform: OS X and Linux
  • Excellent quick learning and problem-solving ability under time constraints

Working Experience

  • Feb 2013 – Jun 2013, Bitong Home, ShenZhen

  • Aug 2013 – Present, TieTie Technology, GuangZhou


I received Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from ZhaoQing University.